Preventive Maintenance


Ensuring that your vehicle is in top-performing, safe condition necessitates  preventive maintenance care. Preventive maintenance involves bringing in your vehicle for regular servicing to avoid major breakdowns of the different systems and components, and future costly repairs. Regular checkups by car maintenance experts give assurance that your vehicle can operate at its optimal best in all kinds of weather and road conditions, as well as minimizes the risk of accidents while it is traveling. Following a regular schedule of preventive maintenance, in accordance with your vehicle owner's manual, increases the efficiency, strength, and durability of your vehicle, keeping it almost brand new for years.



Benefits of Preventive Maintenance


Vehicles and their different component parts are bound to breakdown due to normal wear and tear at some points in time. Negative conditions on the road may impact proper functioning of each of the component parts, and aggravate . Thus, sticking to a regular preventive maintenance plan, including routine check at different mileage mark, is the best way to minimize premature breakdowns, ensure proper functioning of each critical component and of the vehicle as a whole, and guarantee your safety, your passengers' safety, and that of your vehicle. Thus, to add life and value to your vehicle, and keep it at par with its original performance, come to us today for tuneups of your belts and hoses, axles and CV joints, fluids and filters, tires, wheels, transmission, engine, and other components. Our efficient, certified staff will be glad to assist and teach you as well about the basics of following a preventive maintenance service at regular intervals, as suited to your vehicle.