Tire Services


The condition of your tires are of vital importance, as these are the only parts that connects your car to the road surface. The vehicle's tires form a crucial part of the suspension system, responsible for carrying force onto the surface of the road through the motions of driving and steering, as well as the force of braking to stop the vehicle. Good tires cause suitable amount of friction between the tires and the road to keep it going well and safely.. Well-maintained tires means they are properly inflated, regularly rotated to avoid uneven tread wear, checked for balance and alignment. Regular tire maintenance contribute to safe, efficient driving as well as a comfortable ride. Give us a call to avail of our professional services: tire installation; wheel balancing; tire rotation, tire pressure check, and more. In addition, you will get invaluable tips on how to care and maintain your tires, as well as when to buy and how to choose the best tires for your vehicle.



Benefits of Tire Services


Making sure a vehicles tires are proplerly inflated will keep your tires in good, safe running condition for much longer time than if there is too much or less air. Underinflated tires have more flexible sidewalls, which increase rolling resistance. Thus results to premature tire wear, and a decrease in fuel economy. Overinflated tires will result to uneven tire wear, especially in the center. Tires will also be stiff and rigid, making them more prone to damage. Uneven tire wear can also lead to misalignment of the wheels. Either way, improper tire inflation affects tire performance, and worse, pose danger on the road. Be assured that our service staff follows inflation standards in accordance with manufacturer's recommendation.