Wheel Services


Wheels are made of either steel, aluminum, or aluminum alloy, and either cast or forged. Cast wheels are made by pouring liquified metal into a mold, while forged wheels are made by applying high heat and forming the wheel into shape with a CNC lathing machine. Both ways are meant to ensure durability of the wheels, so they can withstand extreme pressure and avoid cracking as well. Likewise, the design of the wheels ensure secure attachment to the vehicle at all times. Bolts, mounting holes, flange, bead seats and safety humps are the different components of the physical structure of a wheel, each designed with the overall purpose of fixing the wheel onto the vehicle and holding the tire securely in place, even during a tire blowout. It also allows drivers to gain control of the vehicle when tires get deflated while running on the road. For your wheel purchase and installation needs, our team of certified, trained experts will be glad to assist you.



Benefits of Wheel Services


Strong, sturdy wheels contribute to vehicle safety and performance, as well as enhance its appearance. Well-built, properly installed wheels leads to better steering and handling of the vehicle. They also ensure safety on the road, as they will not detach from the vehicle while you are driving. As wheels are of different styles, you can give a distinct personality to your vehicle. We carry a wide assortment of wheels and rims, in a variety of wheel brands, sizes, and styles for all kinds of vehicles. Our team of certified, trained personnel will be glad to assist you in your choice and purchase of a new set of wheels, whether made of steel, aluminum, or alloy. They give pointers on the pros and cons of each kind of wheels. Our staff handle all mounting and balancing.